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The North beckons!

The North Beckons

It’s been a while since I headed North. A few years in fact. I still have some vivid memories skiing down the lovely while slopes of Auli. And roaming around the gallis of Dharamasala in search of the perfect momo and of course visiting the Indian abode of HH The Dalai Lama.

It’s time to go back! This time I head towards Manali and will make my way towards Leh, all depending on the road conditions. There have already been a lot of reports about the excessive rain and snowfall this time around. But then, that’s the fun of travel and adventure. Some amount of unpredictability – the plans are all well laid but we don’t quite know what will happen until we get there!

The travel will extend towards the end of July and I will try and keep my twitter updated wherever I have signal. But I intend to fully enjoy a signal free life 🙂


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