I was chatting with my sister, thousands of miles away, when she excitedly says to me: “Let’s go somewhere!”

She’s quite a travel bug and I was pretty caught up with her enthusiasm.

“You know these guys from work are going to Spain for 160 pounds only,” she continues.

Sis has just been in the UK for about 3 months, and already she wants a holiday. Well, what can I say? I think the travel itch runs in the family!

Now, I’m already dreaming of a vacation in Spain.

“I’ll help you,” she adds slyly. Now that she earns in pounds.

Meanwhile, I read about Journeywoman’s trip to the Great Barrier Reef (no permalink available) and can almost imagine myself there! I can’t believe now that I spent three years down under and didn’t make an effort to see the Reef. (Of course, we were students and pretty broke back then). Makes me wish I could make another trip. But I can’t go to Spain and Australia in one year.

That would be just too much for someone who doesn’t have a day job.

But I can dream. Of Spain

20 thoughts on “Let’s catch a plane… to Spain!

  1. If you do spain – I certainly reccomend Barcelona – it is a fantastic city to spend a few days. But make sure you go when it’s warm. (It’s cold at this time of year.)

    I watched a history/anthropology documentary on TV years ago quite by accident that was doing research into human migrations over the ages – and in particular a link between the Spanish and the Indo-subcontinent. An interesting proposal made during the documentary was the claim that Indian classical dance and Spanish flamenco share a common origin – something to do with travelling “gypsy” types who went from India to Spain!

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