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The meeting of masters

    Let me bring you songs from the wood:

    to make you feel much better than you could know.

Well, well. they’re finally coming to our neck of the woods.

Two flautists, both with their inimitable styles – Ian Anderson and Hari Prasad Chaurasia, will be performing on 31st Jan and 1 Feb in Mumbai. I nearly jumped out of my skin in excitement when I saw the ad in Mid-Day day on Friday.

Can’t afford to miss this one. While I totally freaked out on Tull music, especially during my college days, there is another reason why I love the man!

The last time Jethro Tull toured the city, I was a student, broke and peniless. This time, I am equally broke, but the credit card saved me! I hope some of you will be going. The tickets are running out already. I’m so excited, that I might ditch my efforts to learn the guitar and take up the flute for a while. And I’ve decided to get into the mood by listening to one Tull song a day till then 🙂


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