Instructor: What are you playing? What are you playing?!!

Me (Getting my fingers crossed again): Uh. I think it’s A? No nooo. C? Ah. Uh…

Instructor (Most exasperated now as I don’t think he’s had such a dumb student in a while): You’re playing the wrong string, dear.

Me (Wishing there weren’t so many b***** strings): But why is it so complicated? I’m trying to play B and I keep playing E, by mistake!!

Instructor (eyes rolling heavenwards): Okay, let’s check the score on TV now.

As you can imagine, I’m still stuck at the string (also the instructor’s favourite): namely G.

4 thoughts on “Progress at guitar class

  1. I remember my Guitar Master had same reactions when I started about 3 years back .

    You and Many more before you have gone thru the same path. So Relax,

    I don’t rate myself very high on Guitar front but One Advice,be regular with you Practice

    Watch yourself consciously while you practice

    learn few things but learn them the correct way.

    Bad Habits picked up now will be tough to be undone

    So much for now

    Need any Guitar help

    shoot a mail(thats best I can help you from here)

  2. Patience, my dear… patience. I was thrown out of violin class due to what my instructor called “salacious glances”, thrown out of my guitar class due to what the instructor called “crooked fingers”, thrown out of drums class due to what the instructor called a “way too independent” spirit…

    I play the guitar and drums pretty decently now 🙂 How? Friends and loads of online lessons. Yay!!

  3. hi anita…

    remember we met at jus parathas…or is it ‘only’ parathas…?!

    where do you take these guitar classes…i want to learn to…i got myself an electric guitar, and am trying to learn it myself. some help would do!. i live in bandra now.

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