What am amazing guy!

And to think I nearly missed the show. But thankfully, I saw sense at the last moment! Then I nearly lost my way negotiating the maze of North Bangalore.

Finally, after a few frantic phone calls, I managed to get on track. I could hear the roar from the crowds as I neared the grounds. I missed a couple of songs in the beginning, but it was a small price to pay to listen to the legend himself.

Just to watch him change his guitars was enough. And he played some of the all-time Dire Straits favourites including Sultan of Swing, Brothers in Arms, Money for Nothing and a few from his solo albums. And it was over all too quickly! Man, Mark Knopfler absolutely rocked!

14 thoughts on “Sultan of Swing

  1. twilight: yes, the travel bug is rather infectious!

    nandhish: yes, probably missed a good opportunity!

    chicuado: you sure did!

    ravi: strangely, no one ever goes to chennai. i am not sure why either. maybe the chennai folks will have clue as to why their city is avoided…

    retisaint: well, i didn’t want to sound too over the board either. you know i like to maintain some kind of an equilibrium!

    thanks shobha.

  2. Wow – brings back memories of being a student at college – I went to see Dire Straits in my college refectory – price: ÂŁ2.50. It was the year before they became global supergroup. For many years afterwards – Brothers In Arms album was the “reference CD” that people purchased with their CD players – which was a brand new technology at the time!

  3. i seriously envy you for livng in such a wonderful place… it is times like this i feel like shit for ending u in this unknown corner…

    lucky you… u made it to the show…

  4. thanks tom! but you must have gotten a chance to watch him sometime? 🙂 ps: march babies definitely rock. a very belated happy birthday to you too!

    jag: in your college? wow! that would have been something! was this very long ago? 🙂

    praneet: and which corner would that be?

  5. Damn You! I cant believed I missed this concert. Ah, well it was only simple home economics that prevented me from getting there!

    Nice shot of the ticket!

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