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Discovered: wannabe rock star!

Last evening was karaoke night at Opus and we finally managed to get Suman in front of a mike. It took the combined cajoling of a few of us namely : Geetha, Archana, Madman, Muthu and yours truly.

But the beers seemed to have worked and Suman was soon making his way to the karaoke stage, with trepidation, but newly gained confidence.

“I don’t know the lyrics,” he said when we encouraged him to go take the mike and show off his vocal prowess (that we had heard so much of but never actually heard!).

“You DODO”, I say, “they’re on the screen. That’s what karaoke is all about.”

Dirty glare from Suman.

Once he got to the mike however, it was a different story.

He began crooning like a rock star. I think for a moment he thought he was auditioning for an edition of Rock Star INXS. He took it that seriously.

And he was surprisingly good! (Chittu, now we know how he got you hooked 😉

With back-up support from Muthu, Suman took to the stage with much enthusiasm and gusto. In fact, he kept veering towards the stage again later, but couldn’t find the perfect number. Next time, dude!

The plan, as of now, is that Madman will practice vocals (in operatic voice) and Suman will strum and vocalize (like rock star wannabe) and then they will bring the house down (and hopefully the ladies too) next time they take centre stage.

The most interesting slip of the tongue (intentional or unintentional, I don’t know) came when a gentleman was belting out John Denver’s “You Fill Up My Senses” and was singing the line which goes: “Come let me love you, let me give my life to you…”

Suman decided to improvise and this is his rendition (which he wailed out at the top of his voice): “Come let me love you, let me give my WIFE to you…”

Okay, Suman. We forgive you since we know you had a few beers. And we understand your caring and sharing spirit. But we can’t say the same about Chittu who is bound to read this sometime 🙂

(PS: Opus is a really fun place to hang out, especially on kroak nights, but IMHO, the drinks and food menu could do with a makeover. Considering the place has such a nice and relaxed ambience, I’d definitely like to see a little more jazz and excitement on the culinary front.)


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