Watching Superman fly around looking cool (his locks always in place) was an awesome jaw dropping experience.

I mean which other man can look so cool wearing his undies inside out? I am totally in love with Brandon Routh and I won’t go into details of the movie, but just to say that Aqua and I spent most of the time drooling over the super man (!) : his eyes, his voice, his locks and other such assets.

So don’t ask me what the story is, because we didn’t really pay much attention to it! Women, please rush to your nearest movie halls, get tickets and watch it. It’s rare that you’ll find such a gorgeous package and one that flies around without getting his hair out of place! And read Aqua’s review too… (of the man again, and not the movie!).

6 thoughts on “What a “super” man!

  1. “I mean which other man can look so cool wearing his undies inside out? ”

    phantom, of course, is way cooler. especially after he goes through the waterfall in his backyard.

    – s.b.

  2. @ sb: doesn’t phantom wear a body suit? but he’s cool too. i remember watching the movie which i think had billy zane. but he didn’t quite have the same effect 🙂

  3. what abt sipderman & batman & robin.. robin i thought while readin comics luked more handsome then the other 2, though he always got more beatings…

    but the big Q is why dint our Indian Superman why undies on top of pants?? 🙂

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