Like Aqua, I too become a football fan, only during the World Cup, watching a bunch of good looking hot men dribble the ball from one side of the field to another. Not a bad distraction at all, I say 🙂

A few years ago, I remember the Brazil-France final, where a few of us placed bets and France won, much to the dismay of my confident Brazil rooting friend. And he also made me a little richer by honouring the bet!

On the night of the Brazil-France match on Saturday, I had to miss out on the heroics of Zidane, since I had my level 3B French exams the next morning. It was last minute preparation and a distracted one at that as I had to flip between French verbs and television to catch the latest on the football front. After watching the rather heart rending England Portugal match, I decided to go back to my books instead. Which was probably, in hindsight, a good thing since I managed to mug a few extra pages and pass my finals (another yippee!).

Last night, I had no such problems as France overcame Portugal with that one penalty goal. The rather touching moment though was when Luis Figo and Zidane, exchanged their shirts. I would do anything to get hold of both of them (their shirts, I mean)! 🙂

What else can I say now, but ‘Go, France!’

8 thoughts on “Zidane qualifie les Bleus pour la finale !

  1. aqua:

    not only that, but they rightaway wear those newly acquired shirts. w (i.e., double eewww)!!

    btw, in case this is your first world cup, this is normal behavior, just like spitting on the turf every now and then (which i do not, btw, have a big issue with).

    – s.b.

  2. @aqua: hey, france played well and deserved to win, brazil played a lackluster game and deserved to lose! what’s not to forgive?! Admit and accept it woman 🙂

    @ deepsan: you lucky man in toulouse, you!! je suis très très jalouse monsieur!

  3. Anita/Deepsan – quit showing off yr french here hahahaha 🙂

    and who is Some Body? does he/she have a name?blogger profile?

  4. Zidane is my favourite too. A thorough professional and a gentleman, people like him make soccer a beautiful game.

    Check out Italy. They have half a dozen good looking/hot men in their lineup.

  5. Well the final is over … does it change your view?
    Being in Paris I am experiencing the whole episode of melodrama as it goes. May be one day there will be a opera on the same in Bastille as it now got every thing (I would like to see it in contemporary setting) LOL

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