Made a tiring but enjoyable birdwatching trip to Kokkre Belur on Saturday. The village is known for its spot billed pelicans and painted storks, which take residence in and around this village. This is the nesting season, and as soon as you enter KB, you are treated to the shrill cries of these birds and wonderful sights of storks and pelicans flying high in the sky above you. And what a sight it was!

A naturalist association from Mysore is working to conserve these birds in their natural habitat and helping villagers coexist with them – a task that is becoming progressively more difficult because of the increase in the village population. A gentleman called Manu, who was an ornithologist himself (and an engineer prior) has been working with the village people for nearly a decade now and he gave us a little background on the work he has been doing. I will post the pictures and a report of the trip later. But if you are a wildlife enthusiast (which I have slowly turned into after discovering so much of nature after moving here!), then do make a visit to this place.

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An equally hectic Sunday followed, by the end of which, I got hit by a bad eye infection. It turned out to be more serious than I thought initially (something getting into my eyes). According to the doc, long hours of wearing contact lens has injured my cornea slightly. I have been wearing lenses for about 10 years now, so I guess it has been a long time.

So, today I spent most of the day trying to rest the eyes and wear an eye patch – not a pretty sight as you can see! Kit Kit looked most unimpressed.

The verdict from the doc: no lenses or glasses for a couple of days till the swelling comes down. Then I need a new pair of glasses. I’m thinking Sania Mirza style (if I can’t have her talent, at least I can have her frames :). I did actually wear them for many long years before I got a little tired. Looks like it’s time to rediscover glasses again.


I stumbled upon this article today in Telegraph India and was pleasantly surprised.

Two people mailed me saying this blog has been mentioned in the April issue of Dataquest, but I haven’t been able to get hold of a copy as yet.

(This blog made with the eye patch, which is quite an achievement. Possibly, the first blog entry made with an eye patch, I am thinking. Anyway…, I think I need some shut eye now. Without the darned eye patch!).

17 thoughts on “Birds, glasses and other interesting stuff

  1. Impressive. If it makes you feel any better, I’ve just recovered from an obstinate affliction of hiccoughs, tiring, embarassing and very entertaining to everyone else.

  2. We had been to Kabini River lodge (Jungle lodge) over the weekend. Great place. U can plan a trip there!

    More details/snaps on my blog! check out!

  3. u r looking like Bandit queen now :p .. plus armed with that “rifle” mentioned in some previous post, this time no one would even dare to whisper behind ur back 🙂

  4. hey, that’s quite a funky looking eye-patch. maybe this will kickstart a whole new fashion in alternate eye-wear 🙂

    get well sooon!!!!

  5. hola long john silver, or are you black(un)beard the pirate king…er…queen:

    welcome to treasure island!

    did the good doctor say that you should have been getting your eyes examined more often … or had you been doing so anyway? any info might prove useful to other contact lens users out there!

    – s.b.

  6. I was about to ask you for a bangalore bloggers meet. But not the right time!

    Get well soon. And yeah, Lawrence and Mayo has opened some more branches in bangalore. Check it out!

  7. Have been dropping by on and off, for doses of one of my favourite cities 🙂 I hope your eye feels better soon – I had the same problem not too long ago, and a funky pair of glasses is definitely the way to go!

  8. Guess i had visited ur blog once a very long time agao.. i came to ur blog today via some other blog i visited while blog hopping.. the i saw u seem like an assamese name.. I am not one but i studied in ghy for 4 yrs.. so i am almost semi-asomiya now. i even speak asomiya without an accent.. or is it ‘With’… i also maintain a blog.. do drop in..

    and yeah i used to love bangalore. howz it these days..

  9. Your have an amazing talent, both when it comes to writing and when it comes to photographs 🙂 Take care and get well soon…:)

  10. Hi, Just a mundane little comment to say that I’ve been wearing lenses for years too, and the doctor just diagnosed a similar infection – giant papillary conjunctivitis – it’s very blah, but I’ve been wearing glasses for a couple of weeks now, and now I’m going in for lasik…

    And your blog is great – I grew up in Bangalore and worked in Mysore, Bangalore, and the Western Ghats before moving to Bombay, so your blog is one long nostalgia trip for me!

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