Jama Masjid, originally uploaded by anitabora.

This time, when passing through Delhi on the way to Uttaranchal, we got some time to roam around the Old Delhi area. I would have loved to spend more time clicking there, but we could only afford a couple of hours. Some snapshots from the city’s street life.

(Inspired by Lavannya’s city life series.)

19 thoughts on “Street life in Delhi

  1. Ah, I guess, just the BW picture would have been good enough.

    But this one is good too. Though, it seems like a BBC picture of the North West Frontier Province in Pakistan. Hehe

  2. this pic looks awesome with this rendering… cool!!…did you convert to monochrome, use angle strokes for rendering?

    Missed you last sunday on the Sunday Market shoot at Majestic… joining us the next sunday babe?

  3. I like the idea of this photograph, Seems like a pencil sketch. I’d like it more if I had a large poster of this with an emboss effect hanging on a white wall

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