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New year, new problems!

new year, new problems

I did not foresee this – my blog totally disappearing off the online radar. Tried all sorts of things and finally figured out that I had lost the theme of my blog. On a few earlier attempts to restore via back-ups, it worked and the blog would reappear. But I ran out of luck today. Nothing worked! The folder completely disappeared from my blog directory. Yeah, anything’s possible in the online world. Tried checking with my host znetindia if they could help me figure out what happened, but no luck from that end. They kept assuring me that my domain name was up and running (I know, I know!). But that wasn’t my problem!

This is another setback after my whole blog disappeared a few months ago! I did manage to get it back through the back-up. Anyway, on the brighter side, I guess I now need to come back with a better, brighter theme and redo my customizations again. Gives me something to do as a new year challenge!

Sometimes I wonder how these things happen – where in the online black hole do these things (files/folders etc.) disappear? Being technologically challenged doesn’t help either. But then the support team from znet india wasn’t much help at all.

Anyways, it’s back to an older theme for now. The links seem to be working but I now need to get back to the drawing board again. Sigh… here goes!


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