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Memorable Moments of 2011


Travels, journeys, and a lot of fun – both on land and underwater… A few forays into distant lands. Discovering hitherto unknown places. Culinary adventures aplenty. Ensuring that I ended the year much healthier than I started! But that’s what it’s all about. We all need resolutions and I definitely need to make most of them all over again…

A look back at the eventful year!

The lady in the kitchen
A lady prepares fresh hot dosas at a street side eatery in Bagalur, just across the border from Sarjapura town. This is our usual food stop when on a ride to that part of town.

Curiosity and the cat
Our little devil and tomcat, Tiki, walked into our home and lives in 2010 and continues to bring us a lot of amusement and joy, thanks to his antics!

Watching them go by

A bird’s eye view of rafting down the river, from the Glasshouse on the Ganges, Rishikesh, where I spent a few days earlier in the year, chilling out.

Row, row... row your boat
Time stands still in Kumarakom, the Kerala backwaters.

Many miles to go
A ride in the hills in Coorg, which left us both breathless with the inclines and enchanted with the beautiful scenery!

One of my favourite lunch meals when in Auroville, at Aurolec. The veggies are fresh and the meals, piping hot and delicious!

On my run
One of the things I loved to do on my visit to the US – put on my running shoes and go out for a jog or a walk, discovering new sights and sounds! This one was taken on the road in Cary, North Carolina, the day after the storm.

Picture perfect
Another lovely and quiet suburb in Virginia and a picture perfect morning outside a friend’s home.

Remembering WTC, NYC
Walking around in New York city was quite an experience. This was near the WTC memorial on the eve of the Sept 11 anniversary.

Times Square
The very famous Times Square lived up to the expectations with its flashing lights, the billboards and the crowds. A couple tries to create a lifelong memory on their special day.

In high spirits
Taking a break in Napa Valley, California’s beautiful wine country. While on a tour of a few wineries, this is at our last stop at the quaint and pretty Andretta winery.

A view of the hills
The better half and I went and spent a quiet weekend at this nice homestay in Kalpetta, Wayanad, called Annapara. Located at the foothills of the Chembra peak, the property also has it’s own waterfalls and natural infinity pool and some lovely views to boast about.

A 10 day break in this enchanted island called Havelock in Andaman Islands made us feel like we were on another planet! Got to discover the beautiful world underwater during our scuba diving course at Diveindia.

With it’s own backwaters, Dindi, in coastal Andhra Pradesh, turned out to be quite a surprise package. The beaches nearby however are best avoided as they’ve become dustbins for visitors after their picnics, but a ride down the river was quite memorable.

Calcutta is a city of many charms and I mostly remember it from our visits as a family during my father’s official trips. I don’t get quite as many chances to visit the city. This is a glimpse of Victoria Memorial when passing by, on a rather cold and foggy evening.

Dance like a man!
Not something I watch often, but an evening of contemporary dance by the group called National Dance Company of Wales was quite an eye-opener. The performers were brilliant and I could see why they’re world class.

On a very rainy day, Prabha and I wandered into the rooftop of the Buddha Tooth and Relic museum in Chinatown, Singapore to discover a magical garden!

Goodbye 2011
Singapore puts on a rather pretty face in the evening when the lights come on and the high rises shine from a distance. This is in Marina Bay, where there is a light and sound show over the waters in the evening and the Marina Bay Sands shopping mall to keep visitors busy.

” alt=”Whizzing past” width=”640″ height=”480″ class=”slickr-post” />
When walking to Circular Quay for dinner, from the shopping centre, we cross this rather beautiful building. With its coloured windows highlighted by the lights, it puts on a really eye-catching face. And as the cars go by, I am reminded of the year gone by, and how it’s whizzed past… Goodbye 2011!


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