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Glorious Gokarna

If I knew it was such a beautiful place, I would definitely have gone earlier. Having spent 2 short but glorious days discovering the beaches of the Karwar stretch this weekend, I can only hope to go back there someday for a longer stay.

Apart from a short spell of about 15 minutes when it rained in the morning of our arrival, we were blessed with good weather. The sea was on the rough side due to the rainy season.

We had beautiful moonlight (and a near full moon) when we climbed one hill to cross over to another beach in the evening. The moon dappled waters creating magic and from our vantage point on the hill, the whole scene seemed to be bathed in a mystical light.

Sipping hot lemon tea over breakfast with the waves lapping up to the entrance of our shack, wishing, we could always have breakfast in this style!

A harrowing, but scenic walk through the hills, with a sharp cliff face to our left and an equally sharp drop into the rock strewn waters below was the highlight of our wanderings. The scene before me – water for miles around and the promise of empty beaches in the distance – left me breathless! And grabbing my camera every few minutes.

What a weekend. Between the 8 of us, we must have taken close to 500 pictures : everywhere we turned there was a sight worthy of being framed! My travel notes will follow in a few days as usual. My photos have arrived but they will take a day or two to sort out. Here’s a sneak peek in the meanwhile…



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