If I knew it was such a beautiful place, I would definitely have gone earlier. Having spent 2 short but glorious days discovering the beaches of the Karwar stretch this weekend, I can only hope to go back there someday for a longer stay.

Apart from a short spell of about 15 minutes when it rained in the morning of our arrival, we were blessed with good weather. The sea was on the rough side due to the rainy season.

We had beautiful moonlight (and a near full moon) when we climbed one hill to cross over to another beach in the evening. The moon dappled waters creating magic and from our vantage point on the hill, the whole scene seemed to be bathed in a mystical light.

Sipping hot lemon tea over breakfast with the waves lapping up to the entrance of our shack, wishing, we could always have breakfast in this style!

A harrowing, but scenic walk through the hills, with a sharp cliff face to our left and an equally sharp drop into the rock strewn waters below was the highlight of our wanderings. The scene before me – water for miles around and the promise of empty beaches in the distance – left me breathless! And grabbing my camera every few minutes.

What a weekend. Between the 8 of us, we must have taken close to 500 pictures : everywhere we turned there was a sight worthy of being framed! My travel notes will follow in a few days as usual. My photos have arrived but they will take a day or two to sort out. Here’s a sneak peek in the meanwhile…


21 thoughts on “Glorious Gokarna

  1. Its amazing you haven’t exhausted ALL the places in and around KA to adventure-weekend in !! Where do you get the time, and the energy ! Phew !

  2. Aargh! Am dying to go to this place, heard lots and lots about this place. Great post. Now on to the photos please πŸ™‚

    And as a sidenote, someone had mentioned to me that this is where one gets the best marijuana south of the vindhyas.

  3. Ah Gokarna! Brings back lot of memories.

    Are Israelis still there in big numbers? Did you visit Om Beach? And how about Holy Brahmins carrying water!

  4. vignesh: well. i’ve just started actually! and there’s so much to see πŸ™‚ i think more than time and energy (which all of us have or can make) it’s a matter of inclination.

    arjun: i think we took good weather with us from bangalore πŸ™‚

    confused: a map of india would help perhaps?

    sinfully pinstripe: now that is something we didn’t explore πŸ˜‰

    ben: there were very few people around. a handful of belgians, australians, israelis and germans. om beach – yes, of course. it’s the most famous one in the area!

  5. Where did you stay at Gokarna? You mention a shack… I am planning a trip in Jan/Feb. Would love to hear more. Thinking of taking the train from Mumbai to Gokarna to enjoy the train ride too. Suggestions/comments?


  6. those of you who want to stay in Om beach…therez a place called Namaste hotel at the entrance. Going down the Namaste trail will lead you to the first arc and you should be able to find at least 5 shacks (each shack consists of a min of 3-4 huts). A lil further will lead you to the second arc and here you should find 4-5 shacks. At the end of the second arc, therez Rama’s shack (owned by a sweet guy called Rama ofcourse). This is however if you’d like to stay in the OM beach itself. But I must warn you guys…itz highly unlikely that the local shack owners entertain INDIAN tourists who’d like to stay there. This will be a good test of your bargaining skills. Should cost you not more than Rs.50 per hut per day. Food/Beverages/Drinks/Weed etc. will be extra. :))))

  7. hai
    my name is aravind i havent seen sucha paradise place
    in india atlist before u die u got to visit om beach
    u can find lord shivas favt stough as well u can rise
    ur kundalini

  8. Hey! Need info. on travel and stay for Om Beach. Can anyone help, please? Need best time of year as well!


  9. i had been to om beach and kudle beach in the summer of 2004 with my wife and 5 year old dauhter.it was deserted.we had lunch at om namaste.we did not venture to 1/2 moon beach.however there seems to be another way to pardise beach.had gone part of the way
    but had to turn back due to fading light.

  10. youve got a sweet blog!!

    Things aren’t always as they appear from a distance, you’ve got to go close, see, touch, taste and feel them to understand.
    For more….
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    The place where Life is the curve integrated over various elements that we see in and around us.

  11. hello all !! first off… gr8 blog!! my frens an I are planning a trip to GOK ..2007 march 16,17,18,19…. well jus wondering.. if any of u ll know about the trains to gokarna from bangalore!!!

  12. I had a bad exp in swaswara resort.

    the receptionist was taking to me very cheaply without adressing properly just because I am Indian.

    β€œour prices are in Euro’s n resort is not for you indian was what she was saying.

    thought i was willing to pay what ever the f.k..g price they had.

    the resort SUCKS.

  13. Any Tourist who wants to go to gokarna can contact me. Am a local man born and brought up in mumbai. Every two months i stay in gokarna ferry in tourist from all over the world.
    its better to go for cheap accommodating and enjoy trekking. To go to Aum beach just trekk rather than rick or any mode.

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