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From the archives: the flaming car!

I am really disorganized and I think I’ve said this before too. Despite all my efforts to keep all paperwork in files and bring some semblance to my document life, I somehow never manage to get hold of that important paper when I need it the most.

Like this weekend when I hunted for my passport for hours on end and nearly tore out my hair in frustration. I also made frantic calls to find out how to replace a missing passport in record time and was not encouraged by what I found out. I did manage to find it eventually after some ‘organised’ search tactics suggested by a friend!

But while riffling through old papers,and documents, I chanced upon this blogworthy photograph. This was taken in Mumbai about 3 years ago. I was on my way to work. My boss at that time had picked me up from Goregaon flyover and we were on our way to Mahim. Enroute, while crossing the Jogeshwari flyover we came upon this rather scary sight!

I had never actually seen anything like it. Surprisingly the owners seemed nowhere in the picture. And it did not seem like arson either. I asked the boss whether it was possible for a Maruti to burst into flames just like that! And he said rather philosophically: “Anything is possible!”

I had my camera with me that day and quickly took this snap as we drove by.

Flaming Car


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