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Long pending crab post

I had the most god awesome crab the other day. And I have been meaning to post about it since, but life has been kind of hectic lately 🙂

The last time I had crab was at Gajalee (my favourite fish place in Mumbai, how I miss it!). The tandoori crab is amazingly yummy. Of course, you need to be prepared a few days prior to the actual meal. Eating crab is a mighty clumsy affair. Mental preparedness is key : you will after all be spending a few hours looking for teeny weeny pieces of crab meat in obnoxiously large shells (see how hard they tried to trick us?).

Anyway, back to the crab I had at Shiok. When Madman messaged me one fine evening (actually, it was not fine, it was pouring cats and dogs, or tigers and giraffes, as I prefer saying), I could not resist the temptation. With a totally uncomplaining buddy (he was getting crab for free, he’d better not complain :0) for company, I made the long drive from Electronics City to Indiranagar in record time. Poor visibility because of the heavy rain was the only thing that stopped me from getting to the crab faster.

It was truly delicious with whatever concoction Madman put in it. (I am so glad I don’t live in Indiranagar or anywhere close). Anyway, to cut long story short, it’s yummy. Next time you get a chance, please do check it out! Madman gets live crabs only once in a while, and it’s worth making a long journey if he does… And remember that one crustacean feeds about 2 people and one if you’re especially fond of crab meat!

Here’s a picture showing what we had.

Crab at Shiok!
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