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This and That

This is interesting. What will they think of next?


Some more pictures from the Bangalore Meet here.


The Mumbai folks had their May meet and attendance was 17 people. A few short of our very own BMBM.


Finally managed to upload all the Mangalore trip pictures. My camera had tripped out during the trip so some of the pictures taken later were with a low end digital. Arjun, fellow blogger and photographer had even sweetly offered me use of his Canon digital, but I decided to enjoy sights without the lens. My sister accused me of not being able to enjoy places without my camera, and I suddenly realised (with lots of guilt) that she was right. I have become so used to looking at everything through frames that I get a little antsy without it! To prove her (and myself) wrong, I proceeded without a camera thereafter.


Venky sends me this link to Feedmap, developed by CS Thotha. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to set it up, but you might have more luck…


  1. You betcha Anita. Sounds familiar!!! I take my camera gear to places but most of the time get overwhelmed by the beauty and forget to record them in photo. I need to consciously remind me to take pictures.

    I have a photofreak in my betterhalf who reminds to take pictures( of course with her in the frame ) So, it turns out ok. Would have preferred without any intrusions though, but since when married men have their say in anything?


  2. SS says

    Hi anita,
    I chanced upon your blog while searching for something on the internet
    Presently I live and work in the United States
    A compliment- the pictures are awesome on ure site
    I have forwarded you blog’s to a couple of my american co-workers more because I wanted them to have a look at Banglore and the happenings of the place

    There guys here do know about Banglore but werent aware of the goodies there.

    So thanks again

  3. Anita, Saw your shot of Kiruba on his blog. Great one. Enjoyed it and as I had commented there it was very urban and realistic.

  4. Brian says


    I’ve never been to India before, but your pictures certainly make me want to visit! I’ve seen a few of your slideshows, and am impressed with your photographic skills.

    I especially like the night shots and the Bangalore/Mangalore slide show.

    I’ll keep returning to your site to see what else you have to share.


    (Pennsylvania, USA)

  5. thanks ss! glad to be of some help 🙂

    thanks for your nice words brian. you must come to india sometime. am sure you’ll love it, if you liked the pictures 🙂

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