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Meeting Mr Nandi

Between running errands on Monday, I finally caught up with the talented Mr Nandi in the afternoon. He wanted to know whether that salutation was meant as a compliment or an insult. Apparently, Mr Ripley was a murderer and imposter in the movie (I haven’t watched it)!

Ah, well. You never know, Arnab; I see a lot of potential in you and it’s good to keep more options open just in case engineering doesn’t work out!

I had met Arnab at the office over a year ago and that was for exactly 5 seconds. He seemed really shy and literally ran away after saying hello. This time I made sure he got beyond 5 seconds! Thankfully, he liked Just Around the Corner, where we went for a bite.

But I think it was the pretty *sights* (more than the decor) that warmed him to the place!

Like my earlier meetings with young bloggers like Anand, Ari, Vipul, Lazy (do you see a trend here?!) what I enjoy most interacting with these ‘bachas’ (okay, okay, no need to get all riled up!) is their enthusiasm. It’s nice to know what young people nowadays think of, what they enjoy and what matters to them. I also realise, how much smarter they are than what I was a decade ago 🙂

We traded notes on blogging, hostel life, living in Mumbai, going to the US and I lectured him about how one can learn valuable lessons from keeping pets (when he stated he didn’t like them too much). I think I managed to impress him enough to think about keeping one when he grows up.

The next day, I went into Bangalore for the secret ISRO project Arnab mentioned. The weather was lovely compared to Mumbai’s 39 degrees. Jil, you shouldn’t really be complaining!

The good news is that I finally managed to get cable Internet at home. Yippee! Right now, I am the only one in the building, so the speeds are pretty good. And our building higher-ups managed to put their differences aside with the cable wallah (they had been fighting since we moved here), just in time for the India-Pak cricket series. I seriously hope that the matches are worth watching!


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