After a week when not very nice things happened to me, I was pleasantly surprised (actually I was absolutely thrilled) to get an email from Jag saying he was gifting me a Flickr pro account.

Merci Beaucoup, Dhanyavaad. Danke, Grazie, Gracias and Thank You, Jag!

Merci beaucoup!

Yoohoo! I am in seventh heaven and doing little jig across the floor right now…

11 thoughts on “A pleasant surprise!

  1. As I said in email – it a pleasure indeed! I really enjoy your pictures – and I know that many people do – so when the nice people at Flickr gave me two free Pro accounts to give away – guess who came to my mind first? Now you can share even more of your wonderful imnages with the world!

    Thanks for the thanks! Made me laugh!

    Now I just gotta think of someone else to give my remaining Pro account to …. 🙂

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