After receiving quite a few comments and suggestions, have finally managed to give the blog template a fresh new look – thanks a bunch to the Cyberscorpion! It’s been much overdue.

A few odds and ends might need to be tied up over the next few days. In case you notice anything amiss, do drop in a comment.

6 thoughts on “A makeover!

  1. Time really slipped so fast Anita.. Now the coffee has become even more special since it waited for one long year :).. In case u’re in town any weekend, then let u’re camera rest for an evening and we can get together for that long awaited chat.. 🙂

    PS: On the sidelines, I’d like to ask howz Dr Vivek and Aqua doin? Seen very little activity on their site/blog from long..

    And yes, I hope peace will reign in Assam pretty soon..

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