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nouveaux projets!

Looks like the end of the year has brought about creative spurts in everyone.

Lavannya has started a group called ‘Chillies and Chutney’ for food lovers in Bangalore (and beyond).

Vaish and Vinay have started a blog called ‘Francesay’ for those interested in discussing the French language and anything concerning France.

And I’ve just got an email reminder that I am supposed to spread the word around regarding the Indi Bloggies 2004. So here I am doing the needful. Please go forth and multiply (the message I mean)!


  1. sorry group I meant ah and by the way there are lots of yahoo groups dedicated to French language !! Tu sais !! ??

  2. I’d just like to add that a professional chef will be answering food-related questions on the chillies and chutney group, so please do join. πŸ™‚

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