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The Lazy Geek tied the knot yesterday. All the very best to Guru and Binu as they embark on their new life together.

This is really a cracker. Via OJ.

Kingsley is going in for another redesign. God save us! Maybe, he should switch to another colour from the pale blue he’s got right now, but I’m not going to bear the brunt of his ire by telling him 🙂

And while on design, found this link to Well Designed Weblogs via Chetan Kunte.

One young man I’ve been trying to meet for a while is the talented Mr Nandi who is in Mumbai for a bit. Hopefully, all our stars will align and we can catch up for a cup of coffee and conversation next week! But not at Barista’s, of course…

And another young woman I am supposed to be meeting is Tan. When she can make some time between her new husband and travelling!

Anand’s put some great pictures (taken by his friend) of Nagercoil. Have a dekko, if you have the time.

Reminds me of the hundreds of pictures I need to put up from my Kerala trip. Soon. Soon!

I might be in Bangalore for a day next week. According to local resident Jil, it is getting really really hot. But, it couldn’t get hotter than amchi Mumbai surely!


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