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I haven’t had much of a chance to get around the blog world lately with my things getting rather hectic during the day and then evenings at the hospital. Today morning, I thought I’d quickly do a round of some of the familiar bloggers and what do I find!

— Madman who’s gone off to Singapore on a holiday (because the air fares were too damn cheap!) is now blogging his travel adventures here.

Kiruba’s gone off and shut his blog. And so yet another popular blog comes to an end. Of course, one can always hope for reincarnations – they’re quite the done thing nowadays. (and managed to make a fool out of all of us :).

Nilesh has gone off and won the Best South East Asian / Indian Photoblog – a big congratulations to him – he’s a talented young lad behind the lens! Congratulations, Nilesh 🙂


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