What were they thinking?

I am referring here to that absolutely HORRIFIC HORRIFIC new ad for Pepsi. I am not a fan of the soft drink. But the ad I must say is totally repulsive.

Those twitchy lips on navels ? if anyone at Pepsi is listening ? I have two words: NOT attractive. It does not (even in my wildest nightmare) make me reach out for a bottle of the soft drink. Now, I am not sure whose creative brains are behind this truly unattractive ad, but it leaves me cold and feverish. And if this kind of imagery appeals to you, there must be something wrong with you. Really.

It’s absolutely horrific (okay, I’ve said that before), but it is. I mean, I am actually seeing twitchy lips on navels in my dreams (that turn into a nightmare) and they get bigger and bigger. Finally, they are so big that they look like sharks mouths that can swallow a whole person (actually, they can swallow a whole ship).

What on earth were they thinking?

Now, the new Limca ad on the other hand, makes me actually want to get myself a bottle of ? hold your breath ? LIMCA! Unfortunately though, it’s becoming harder and harder to find Limca in stores nowadays.

Is there any ad you really really hate?


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