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The exhibition went off really well and all of us had a little celebration on Sunday night at the Century Club. My personal thanks to some of you who dropped in.

[Scenes from the exhibition]

[Scenes from the exhibition]

[Scenes from the exhibition]

Some snapshots of the exhibition

Quite a few photographs sold and the response was really good. In fact, they are still up for sale. Most of them are up here, if you’re interested. If you want to know more about a particular photo/artist, please send me an email. If you’re doing up your house/moving into a new one/need one for your office/know someone who could brighten up their walls a bit, do pass on the word. The quality of the pictures uploaded are not very good as they were not taken for viewing purposes. Better versions can be provided if required.

They’re all mounted and framed and most of them are around 14×20 inches in size. The proceeds are going towards charity, so if you’re looking for something nice to grace your walls, go ahead and pick one up for a good cause!

After all the excitement of the last couple of days, I am disappearing for a bit till next week. So no fresh content till then.

French final exams on Sat and Sun. Wish me luck. Like all good things, I shall be back in a bit 🙂


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