I had a few complaints from folks not being able to leave comments. Apparently, the version of spam karma2 I’m using is not compatible with this template and so the comments were not being accepted.

It’s been fixed now, so please do leave me a comment or two so I know it’s working fine 🙂 In case, you’re still having problems, drop in a mail at anitabora5 at rediffmail dot com.

10 thoughts on “Comment problems

  1. Macro is too good and can I expect reply for the comment I posted on Jan 24 in the previuos post – The View From Here. Hope U will respond….

  2. Jus uploaded some photos in my Flick r, drop by if you are interested in ….and try to WIN a dollar for the GUESS WAT series, I have started…..in my FLICKR. Wondering wer to find my Flickr account, then drop in to my BLOG u can find it in the sides !!!

  3. @ veena and ronin: thanks!

    thanks vikki for the nice words 🙂

    thanks sriram, i can!

    kannan: change is always good!

    vinod: thanks! will drop in sometime…

    simba: coming soon 🙂

    @ nidhi: haven’t received yet…

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