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For amusement purposes only

Stuff like this serves as much needed amusement, and bring a smile to my face on an otherwise seriously busy day!

The question that gets my attention:
Should couple’s be allowed to kiss in public like in paris?

And then I read on…

Response 1
what is the harm in it? if the partneres are loyal to each other & express their love to each other, place hardly matters for such thing like kiss. if a mother can kiss her kid in a public place then why not a lover. – why not indeed!

Response 2
no man more you cover more you have the value. america is super power but culture of usa is toooo dirty . india is developing country who culture is world famous. so be indian mere bhai.having kiss at public place show no love it is show off. if paris kiss rate is high there divoroce rate is also high and there childerens without parents. – i am speechless!

Response 3
First of all the question thats shoots up is there a necessity to kiss in the public.Even though u luv your parter to that extent, express it privately. Showing off ones love in public is not a good sign for a healthy relation – what is the necessity to kiss at all, i ask?!

Response 4
there is no harm kissing publically but we should never forget that it is not very safe doing any such activities in our country. If oyu kiss publically in western countries no one even bothers to look at you but if you do it in a place like patna in bihar you will definetly have to think about the consiquences. No harm in expressing our feelings but guys just be carefull while selecting the place. – what smart advise!

Response 5
i think in a country like india with our social structure it would be difficult. amen!

This bit about Response 3 tickled me: “Showing off ones love in public is not a good sign for a healthy relation”.

And I really appreciated the well meaning intent of response 4. “It is not very safe doing any such activities in our country.”

And despair not, there’s more entertainment!

On a more serious note, I don’t think the Indian public is mature enough to handle PDA (aka, public display of affection) as quite apparent from some of the responses.

It’s quite a pity really. If we conducted some of our PDA in public as the word suggests, who knows, we might be a less frustrated and less populated nation! 🙂


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