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For a slice of chocolate heaven!

Okay, now let me confess that I’m not very big on chocolate or sweets. But that certainly didn’t stop me from trying this dessert place called Chocolate Painted Platters.

Chocolate Quotes

I took the opportunity to ogle at the different shapes & sizes. And take pictures. There is a poster with some cute chocolate related quotes, don’t forget to read through it!

PP is located in Jayanagar’s 7th block. I’ve heard about it quite a lot and passed it on one or two occasions. Finally, with a sweet-crazy friend, headed out for a taste of chocolate heaven.

Chocolate Quotes

What we ordered: a) A coconut and lemon grass crème brulee : soft & sweet; b) A dark and light chocolate: loaded, creamy & sinful; c) A strawberry ice cream torte: little strawberry, more chocolate! (For the record, most of it was not consumed by me!)

Strawberry Delight

With rather light pockets and heavy hips, we headed out next door to Pure & Natural to end the evening with a salad. Yes, the irony of it!

The complete report with pictures is here.


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