This is one great mystery for me.

Most of the time the food is nothing to write home about and not value for money. The waiters talk to you like you are a very sad life form that doesn’t deserve to exist, the place is noisy and you can literally hear the conservation on both sides of your table and beyond!

There’s this particular harsh review of the place here.

Not to forget the strangest experiences you have. Like this one that Suman and I had a few months ago.

Sometime ago, I was there with a few of my friends. We were chatting and making as much noise as everyone else. The waiter came up to us and told us to keep our voices down despite the fact that nearly everyone was talking as loudly!!

The other day, went there for breakfast with a couple of friends.

Can I have a tea with the lemon and milk separately, friend Sabir asks rather nicely.

You can’t, replies the rude waiter. You can have only lemon or milk.

Yes, but can I have it on the side, asks Sabir again.

No, replies, the waiter, we can only serve lemon or milk with one pot. And he adamantly refused to hear what Sabir was trying to say!

And yet, we continue to return. The regulars will swear by the place.

Why, I wonder? Is it the convenience? Or is it the atmosphere of the place? It’s one of those deep, dark mysteries, I tell you.

6 thoughts on “Why do we frequent Koshy’s?

  1. Yeah, that was a bit too much. Anyway, I’m looking for places to meet besides Koshy’s. The trouble is…we don’t have many choices that are so centrally located.

  2. Years ago, when the British Council library was up above Koshy’s, I used to visit the restaurant for nice cup of coffee or a vegetable biryani! Even then, if you took books with you from the library, the waiters or the Manager would get annoyed and show some intense displeasure. I guess the “colonial” fever hasn’t subsided yet.

  3. Unfortunately, the quality of service is directly proportionate to the tip you leave.

    The food isn’t bad, some of it anyway. Like their iced tea, it’s the best in the world.

  4. Koshy’s is no longer a restaurant…it’s an institution…why Koshy’s you ask?…for the real answer to that, one only needs to step in to the kitchen, take a look around & the next time one is at another cafe in Bangalore(5-star coffee shops included) step into & take a look around their kitchen…the rude waiters notwithstanding,there’s one good reason to keep going back to Koshy’s…

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