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Lazy lunch at La Terrazza: the review

Koramangala is beginning to buzz with activity : lots of new restaurants which means we don’t need to go too far in search of good food and a chilled out time!

(Please note that an abridged version is also published in Trendy, Sept 08)

We sauntered in on a lazy Saturday morning. The weather was gorgeous : one of those cool Bangalore days with the breeze and the sun melding just perfectly and our appetites just sufficiently whetted in anticipation of lunch.

From Restaurants – Bangalore

I discovered this place a few weeks ago while out for dinner with a few friends : we’re always looking out for new places to eat especially in the vicinity of Koramangala which is convenient for all of us! And we all agreed that this was one place worth coming back to. So there I was. One major advantage of this new restaurant – called La Terrazza : is that it’s located on the terrace of a building so it’s open on two sides (except when it rains and they pull down the blinds). So you can enjoy the pleasant breeze as you tuck into your food.

The pleasant white and blue interiors sets a rather Mediterranean mood and you’re only too glad to settle into the comfortable cushion waiting for the first course. Vikram Malhotra, third generation restauranteur and also a chef says he wants to create a chilled and relaxed atmosphere where families and friends can come for a good meal and a great ambience.

And that it definitely was. G had a Zucchini and Asparagus Soup (a rather interesting combination), while I settled for the Tomato and Basil Soup. There’s not much more in the soup section. Malhotra says he’s going to be adding a more dishes by the end of the year. That way, you’ll have some signature dishes you will keep going back for : sounds like a good idea!

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After the soup, we ordered a Greek salad : quite nicely done with olives, lettuce, cottage cheese : my only grouse was that it was a little too creamy. Earlier I had tried the fettucini with chicken and pesto sauce. This time I tried the grilled fish in mustard and lemon sauce : very well done I must say. And I requested them to serve with some pasta instead of the mashed potatoes, which they did.

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G had a seasonal vegetables with basil rice, also very nice, but again quite creamy. If you’re not a big cream lover you might to mention it to them to go a little light on it. There were also a selection of pizzas on the menu and are perhaps worth trying – note for next time.

From Restaurants – Bangalore

And of course, we couldn’t say no to dessert now, could we? There was an extensive menu and I had made up my mind about the cheesecake but unfortunately it wasn’t available. We had a crème brûlée instead. For chocolate lovers, you should find something sinful and sweet there.

From Restaurants – Bangalore

Bottomline: Very satisfactory, overall. And thankfully we had the cushions to fall back on after the meal. A perfect place to chill out with friends, family and even with the family. And in the evenings, the muted lighting can make it an ideal romantic evening. No liquor licenses yet, but Malhotra says that should happen soon because a glass of wine with the food would make my day!

Soups: Around Rs 70
Salads: Around 115
Main Course: Rs 250-300
Desserts: Rs 80-100

Address :
Vicky’s La Terrazza
No 99, 2nd Floor, 5th Cross
6th Block, Koramangala
Bangalore : 95
Phone: 80-41751635/36


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