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Travelling in Fort Kochi

Into day 2 of my Fort Kochi break. Chilled out a little on day 1 and walked around a bit. I had a list of things on my agenda but decided that I wasn’t going to push myself!

Today, I had a few interesting conversations including one with someone who has been involved with maintaining the area as a heritage zone and the efforts they are taking in this regard. Which is probably a bigger post that I’ll hopefully be able to write about at a later date.

In the other developments, I’ve been eating like crazy – though it’s hardly surprising I guess. Found a few nice cosy cafes including the Kashi Art Gallery and then TPot where I managed to tuck in a huge breakfast and lunch today. And dinner I am sure will be equally expansive though I’m trying to decide where it will be…

Time now to head out and see if I can capture the sunset by the harbour!

Looking out into the harbour


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