Nidhi from WebChutney called me to tell me about an online reality travel contest, which I thought sounded pretty interesting.

OKtataByeByeThis is how it will work. You need to register yourself for the contest. They (folks at WebChutney and also shortlists a bunch of you. Out of this lot, a jury decides on the winner (not sure of the parameters though). He/she then goes on to travel on one of the pre-determined routesand also document and blog about it.

Sounds like a cool concept. I haven’t heard of anything like this before so if any of you are travel bugs, this might be worth a try. The winner gets Rs 50,000, 15 days and 7 destinations to cover and a laptop and digicam (these are returnable) to record and post his/her experiences during the trip.

Check out the details and terms and conditions in the site. And also, do spread the word around!

11 thoughts on “Pack your bags…

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  2. Hi Anita,

    This is Suresh from California.I have been reading your blog for sometime and really liked it,I check the site atleast once a day.Though I’ve been a silent reader all the time your latest post just made me to talk back something about.I always found your postings very interesting.. especially exploring unusual places and the cool pictures.But nowadays it seems you are also slowly moving into advertising and providing space for marketing.This posting tells that ..atleast to me.Tell me how many times you won a lottery.I get mails every otherday that I won $2 million dollars and asking to come and collect.Everyone knows how genuine they are.We wish we really get,but u know na.I am not saying this makemytrip is also fake but even if its real there will be thousands of restrictions for that.These things just make your blog also as an adspace and we already see enough ads in the web daily.Besides 50000 Rs+15 days looks still cheap for your blog.
    I know the blog is yours and you are free to post whatever you like but just wanted to bring to your notice that there people like me who follow the blog regularly and would like to see more interesting stuff from you.

  3. I jumped over to that site with great enthusiasm. I filled in the form, and clicked on next with continued enthusians. Then I hit a “Service Unavailable’ page. I hit back, clicked on ‘Blow Horn’or whatever, and I got a n Oracle error.

    Life on the net is tough

  4. hi suresh n prathap,

    for suresh, this is not the regular campaign that comes from whos is know to be a leader in indian online travel planner. now giving an oppurtunity for the young reporters, and people who are interested in writing. as u said its cheaper dont estimate the contest by the amount of money they are spending for it. its a nice experience for the people like me who waiting for the turn to stepinto this world of blogging n writing. So its like an entrance or watever u call it.

    for prathab, there must be a browser compatibility issue for you so check your browser version and be sure that ur opeing the website in ie v6.0 or later or mozilla firebox v1.5.0.3

    P.S.: i am also a regular reader of her blog and it seems she dont upate her blog often like kiruba doing everyday.

  5. ok. i too filled the form using firefox only and i submited without any touble and got the phir milenge!!! page

  6. Your blog has turned into an ad hoarding now, has it?

    It seems these people have paid many of the well-known indian bloggers to write about them and put up their banners. The money is good too. Rs. 5-10000 from what I hear.

  7. Xavier: thanks a lot!

    Suresh: thanks a lot for that. let me first say that I will advertise something if I feel it’s a good concept. If I visit a restaurant and write a review about it, I am advertising it after all. What is interesting is that they are not big ‘corporate’ guys but are trying to publicize a concept through bloggers. Frankly, I see nothing wrong with that. And I don’t do things because they look cheap or expensive. If someone is interested, I’d like them to go check it out.

    hey thanks scribbled thoughts for your words 🙂 you’re right, i don’t actually update everyday. neither do i have the energy or the time! but i do try and keep it updated as often as is feasible.

    Pratap: Probably get in topch with them if you are getting an error.

    Anita: Now I did not leave that comment. Someone else did under my own name. Yeah, I’ve made a few millions and I’m going on a Europe trip with the money. Haha!

    Kris: haven’t got it. You can email me at anitabora5 at rediffmail dot com. I’m off work for a bit.

    Another thing is that

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