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Pack your bags…

Nidhi from WebChutney called me to tell me about an online reality travel contest, which I thought sounded pretty interesting.

OKtataByeByeThis is how it will work. You need to register yourself for the contest. They (folks at WebChutney and also shortlists a bunch of you. Out of this lot, a jury decides on the winner (not sure of the parameters though). He/she then goes on to travel on one of the pre-determined routesand also document and blog about it.

Sounds like a cool concept. I haven’t heard of anything like this before so if any of you are travel bugs, this might be worth a try. The winner gets Rs 50,000, 15 days and 7 destinations to cover and a laptop and digicam (these are returnable) to record and post his/her experiences during the trip.

Check out the details and terms and conditions in the site. And also, do spread the word around!


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