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A day in Delhi

I was in Delhi for a day and thought I’d try and find myself a pair of trekking boots. A friend of mine recommended Ansal Plaza, so I headed there around 8 pm after the day’s work. Unfortunately, most shops were shutting down.

I thought Delhi being a large metro city would have shops open till about 9.30 pm at least. Apparently not. Met up with friend Abhi who suggested I try South Extension so we headed there. I found a nice pair of Woodlands boots, but was told by the salesman that they don’t make boots my size 🙂

We gave up then and headed to a Greek restaurant and I loved the name of the place – It’s Greek to Me.

The restaurant is on 3 levels including a ground floor. The lighting is nice and warm and on the second and third floor areas are low sofas with throwaway cushions. Very comfortable and casual sitting arrangements and just what you need after a day’s work!

I really liked the atmosphere of the place. It was relatively nice and quiet (I shudder to think of the crowds if the place was in Bangalore!). The menu has some exotic sounding dishes so it took me a while to figure out what to eat.

For the starters I ordered Artichoke with fruity wine dip (though I didn’t get any taste of wine!). The main course was Baked Chicken Vasilikos, – seared chicken breast with scarmozza cheese, mushroom and ham stuffed with creamy pesto sauce topped with almonds. And it tasted as good as it sounds!

Unfortunately, I had only a day in hand else I would have probably gone sampling more of the city’s food places 🙂 If you’re in Delhi and feel like Greek food, the restaurant is located at Safdarjang Enclave.


  1. Hey, Thanks for that post on metblogs 🙂

    And if you haven’t bought your trekboots as yet, you might want to try Salomon. This company has been bought over by Adidas, so you would find salomon boots in most Adidas showrooms.
    I have been using my Salomons for the last 2 years nearly, and have had no reason to complain.

    And no I don’t get paid for writing this either.

  2. scribbledthoughts says

    you should have tried in the mall city of india

  3. Bhaskar Barua says

    HI Anita, next time you are in Delhi, try having lunch at Andhra House. You will love it. And yes, remember me, the guy from Cotton College and Assam Engineering College.

  4. Ramesh says

    Been there anita. amazing food. looks like ur a foodie. then suggest some good food joints in bangalore pl. am there next week.

  5. anchy says

    cool blog… i also have mine, but it’s on croatian because I’m from CROATiA… by the way, my name is anita:) enjoy

  6. Ohh you were in Delhi just a day before DBM happened.

    Yeah, Delhi markets closes at 7:30 pm or so.

  7. AJAY PAL says

    As i know my self from past 22 years being a student of delhi.I am enjoying more and more in diffrent places like C.P. Khan market, karol bagh. One of most beautiful park in Rajauri Garden near Ring road. all around covered by nature looking so beautiful.

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