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Market Scenes from Malleswaram

A few weekends ago, along with a few photo buddies, I went to Sampige Road, Malleswaram. We’ve been trying to cover the market places recently and I must say it’s been an interesting experience so far.

It’s a busy place early morning when all the shopkeepers are getting ready for the day’s business.


On the main road are the flower shops. There are baskets and baskets of beautiful blossoms, some piled on top of one another. Behind them, is the vegetable market, which hadn’t fully opened when we reached. I spent quite sometime wandering around the area taking pictures of people and flowers.

After that, we wandered up the road to the Mallikarjun temple. It’s a small temple but had some interesting colourful statues inside. And quite a few early morning devotees paying their daily obeisance to the higher powers. There is a stairway at the back where an old man sitting on the top of the steps, made a gesture as if he was blessing me, until I realised I was mistaken. He was only asking for some money!

How many will I sell today?

A huge gang of kids surrounded me and wanted to get their pictures clicked. They kept pushing each other out of the way to get into the frame. Then, smart alecs, they wanted to see the pictures immediately in my camera! The digital bug seems to have bitten them too. They were rather disappointed when I shook my head to indicate they couldn’t see the pictures.

Some more scenes from the marketplace…


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