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Cut cake, but can’t eat!

So I had this strange experience yesterday. Just as I was cutting my birthday cake with a bunch of friends at Infinitea (the place on Cunningham Road), when the manager runs up and says that we can’t eat outside food in the restaurant. But it’s birthday cake, we point out. No, he said adamantly, we don’t allow outside food.

I was speechless for a moment. I’ve NEVER come across any restaurant that does not allow a birthday cake to be cut and eaten in its premises. I totally understand outside food not being allowed, but a birthday cake?! Just the day before, I had cut two cakes at the 100 Feet boutique restaurant with another bunch of friends. They actually lit the candles and brought out the cakes for us. They did the same thing for me (bring out the cake with candles) at Coconut Grove a few months ago for a friend of mine.

I was especially disappointed because I’ve been an Infinitea patron for donkey’s years, I’ve called for Metblogger’s meets there and visit frequently before and after French class.

I didn’t want to create a scene of course. But for a moment, it did dampen our moods. This was the last thing I had expected.

Also, met Jace at Infinitea who’s posted about it here along with a picture.

Well, later in the evening, I asked if we could have our cake outside the door and the manager finally seemed to have a change of heart and got us plates and spoons so we could eat the cake inside after our dinner was over. So why all the fuss, I wondered?

Strange. Rules are rules, I know. But surely, one should exercise one’s judgment of the situation at hand and not take rules to the extent that you put off your customers.


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