It’s been such an exciting year! So many things done and ticked on my list (and yet so many left pending). But that’s what the coming year is for, ay? A few difficult times to tide through and yet there were always the great times that made them pale in significance. And what would I have done without some of the special people who blessed my life? Sigh, let me not get into another speech here into how I couldn’t have done without all you folks!

I’ve got heaps of plans for the next year! Loads of things to do. Amongst them – I need to learn how to ride a cycle. And start “de-cluttering” my life (my new mantra). Be prepared to hear about this is posts to come. On second thoughts, I’ll see if I can achieve it first! Amongst the top 3 things I want to do this year is a) travel (surprise, surprise!) b) acquire a digital SLR and c) write more (and better, of course!).

Let me instead wish each one of you a rocking 2006! Be good, be naughty, be nice, be cool, be hot, be smart, be sweet, be adventurous, be cute : be whatever you want : but be something!!

I spent a really lovely morning with a few shutterbuggers clicking pictures. With the early morning light creating magic on the Ulsoor lake waters, it was but a great start to the last day of the year.

Ulsoor Lake

I hope you spend your New Year with your near and dear ones. I’m off to find mine and spend time ringing out the old and bringing out the new 🙂 Cheerio folks and see you in the new year!

11 thoughts on “Ring in the new!

  1. Hey,

    Happy new year and nice to see my persuading you to buy a digital SLR coming up in your to-do list.

    I know, you must have decided about it before we spoke, but I can atleast claim some credit for it in a year that sucked big time..

    wait.. isnt that what I say every year ?

    anyway have a blast..


  2. Happy New Year Anita. As to learning to ride a cycle, Good Luck. My knees are still paying for it, but I am glad to say I did succeed after a good few falls 🙂

  3. Hey there,
    Randomly landed here, and glad I did…you have stunning pics!

    Hope you have a great new year, and happy travelling! 🙂


  4. Hey, who do you copyright your pics? Do you think your pics are safe this way or it’s like having your byline?


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