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The vodkathon

Sat evening, about 13 of us converged at Shiok for the Vodkathon (thanks to the collective spirits of Prabhu & Chentil).

One of the participants, we discovered had given up the good things in life (read meat and alcohol), so we presume he came for our company! One particular gentleman, we discovered had created their blogs the day before just to be present!

I scarily discovered that most of them happened to be from our friendly neighbourhood state. They would get into excited conversation in a language I didn’t understand, once too often, so I quietly stuck to better alternatives like drinking mojitos.

Vodkathon, April 1, 2006

It wasn’t difficult to decide who got the most drunk… The crown was snatched away by none other than Chenthil who was determined to declare himself the winner. And kept repeating after midnight that he was drunk, not realizing that we were agreeing with him.

Pictures from the Vodkathon (courtesy: Madman)


After all that late night spiritual experience, it was a wonder that I managed to reach French class on Sunday morning at 9.10 am, exactly 10 minutes late.

I’ve had the lunch buffet at Aura a few times, and I must say they make really good pasta. So if you’re hungry around lunch time, do drop in at Aura on Cunningham Road. It’s priced at Rs 200 and well worth the price, since you also get dessert 🙂

Had a long leisurely and enjoyable lunch with friends, just what I needed on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

In other news, I’ve been dreaming of 3 day weekends. Sigh! I never quite manage to fit in everything I planned!

And I managed to put up a couple of long pending albums, so do drop by…

A Coorg Wedding

Tara Turns One


  1. Thanks for declaring the winner :-). I even managed to catch the early morning Shatabdi back to Chennai.

  2. Hey Anita pics are great…Coorg Wedding..*pulling cheeks* Tara is soooooo cute…
    Have heard about Shiok visited the site…but never been to the place…

  3. Gayathri says

    Lady, am impressed with your varied interests.. But where do u find the time to accomodate sooo much… Teach me the trick.. Would love to travel and do the stuff that u do… (A HUUUGGGGEE SIGH !!!)

  4. sayan says

    Anita, could you tell me the location of Aura. I recall it being in the ‘basement’ of Pizza Hut on cunningham road but could not locate it yesterday.

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