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Of second chapters

Watched a play called Chapter 2 put on by this group called Evam and quite enjoyed it.

The play centres around a widower struggling to overcome his grief and a recent divorcee, both equally apprehensive about beginning chapter 2 of their lives. While the setting is New York city, the situation is universal : relationships, love, loss, betrayal. It had four characters, some funny witty dialogues and decent performances by all the actors. Evem is an English theatre group from Chennai. If you do get a chance, the play’s worth watching.

Chapter 2 has been adapted into a movie too, but the original play was written by playwright Neil Simon and first performed in 1977 at the Imperial Theatre, New York City.

This is what Neil Simon had to say about it: “Admittedly a self-portrait, [Chapter Two] was the most painful play to write because it dealt with the most painful part of my life.”

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