I’ve met so many interesting, complicated, funny, strange people this year, I can’t even begin to describe them! But I can attempt to make a start with Lavannya and Vivek. Both of them : such brilliant photographers and so talented. Interesting personalities. One naturally outgoing. The other, quietly unassuming. And their work speaks more than words : awe-inspiring stuff.

When I met Lavannya at a Bangalore Shutterbugs meet, she made quite a big impression 🙂 We kept in touch and then one stormy evening, we met at Shiok on our first official “date” and had a nice heart-to-heart chat till the rapidly deteriorating weather forced us to think of finding our ways home. She kept getting messages from a “somebody” who wanted to make sure she would be okay getting home. I kept asking her why “somebody” was getting so worried and teased her mercilessly!

Anyway, one year later, they’re married! A huge congratulations to Lavannya and Vivek : wishing you loads and loads of happiness and good times ahead…

We missed out on all the fun since they decided to tie the knot in Lavannya’s hometown – Baroda. But we more than made up for it at their party at Shiok last evening making immense amounts of noise, drinking immense amounts of alcohol and having immense amounts of fun! I always seem to have a lot of fun at post-wedding parties, as some of my other friends will quickly agree 🙂

I decided to experiment with a few crazy shots for the evening’s celebrations. Don’t be too scared, we’re actually normal people!

8 thoughts on “It happened one night!

  1. Anita:

    I happened to stumble upon your blog while surfing the net and I must say I love your site!!! I am an assamese too and as you can see we share the same last name!
    Although I havent met you or know you at all, I just wanted you to know that you are extremely talented and expressive. I love your photos and art too!

    Keep up with the good stuff!


  2. My poor camera told me today that it intends to file a case against you for physical abuse. It also pleaded with me never to let you near it again. 😉

    Should I post a link to the rest of the pics?

  3. Nice Post!
    Though I never met Lavannya & Vivek but I must say they are incredible and make perfect couple.
    Wishing both of them best of this world.
    Thanks Anita for this personalised and warm posting.

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