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Oh Fish!

Had some amazing fish last week at Chennai, when I was there for a one day trip. Caught up with Kiruba, who as always was nice enough to take out some time from his busy schedule.

Looking for a place to grab a bite, he spotted a signboard saying Coconut Lagoon with the illustration of a karimeen fish. That was enough to get me enthused and we spied the restaurant, a few metres away. It promised the ‘Delicacies of Mangalore, Goa and Kerala’ and we weren’t disappointed.

I, of course, went straight for karimeen, since the last time I had it was during my 2004 Kerala visit. It came steamed and packed in banana leaf and tasted really delightful. Since Kribs is not much of a fish person (as per his own admission), I landed up polishing most of it. The place is on Radhakrishna Road, just beside Amravathi – worth trying if you’re in that part of the town!


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