I have to write about this.

A friend recently threw a birthday party where we got invited to her lovely house. Cocktails were served on her terrace and I enjoyed many a Cosmpolitan and Green Apple Martini that her hubby mixed. I was more than willing to try them all. The best part though was that her 3 level house has a – hold your breath – LIFT inside!

And wait, wait… That’s not all. Even the DOG uses the lift.

Phew! I had to get that out of my system.

11 thoughts on “I can only say (bow) wow!

  1. Hang on. Does he/she press the button with his/her snouth and actually wait for the lift and then decide which floor etc.? 😛 That would be cool! (“Let me go to the basement today and check for rodents! Woof!”)

    I know of some dogs that can use the loo. Very nice, don’t you think? I wonder if they know how to flush.

  2. Now I know why my dog has been giving me hurt looks. He must have come across this on the grapevine. And now he wants one too!

    Love your blog 🙂

  3. Good question from Venky! I have a 3 level house – and you won’t believe how much more exercise you are forced to get living in a configuration like this! If I had a lift I think I would be putting on a lot more weight … 😉

  4. mehak: lucky dog, definitely!

    vaish: lol! that’s a funny thought!! he gets into the lift whenever any human is getting into it 🙂

    usha: actually you’re quite close 😉

    anindita: maybe you can get one someday 🙂 thanks! dropped by yours too and enjoyed reading some of your latest posts…

    venky: inside the lift?!!

    jag: now i know the secret of your fitness! 🙂

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