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Weekend drive to Sangama

Sangam and Mekedattu are ideal for a day’s getaway from Bangalore. Though the peak of summer is not the right time to head there, we bravehearts decided not to be fazed by the intense heat anyway. On a warm Sunday morning, we packed some lunch and our equipment and started off at around 730 am in the morning when all sane folks were snoozing.

A colourful window of a village house on the way to Sangama

By the time we reached Kanakpura, it was around 930 am and we had our breakfast of idli-dosas there.

The countryside is extremely dry in this season and the trees are all leafless, waiting for the rain like eager lovers. We passed by many such dry fields and water bodies. I remembered my last trip down this road – it was all verdant, green and lush. What a difference now!

The long and winding road
The long and winding road, somewhere on the way

Despite the heat however, there were droves of people at Sangama. Frolicking in whatever water was available or playing in sandy river bed in the hot sun. If there’s one thing to be said, it’s the fact that Bangalore inhabitants are quite adventurous! We watched for a while and waited for our bus to Mekedattu.

A view of the dried-up Sangama river bed and visitors thronging the spot

There is hardly any shade at Mekedattu. Just a small shelter where a vendor was trying to make a quick buck by selling cool drinks and butter milk. We walked down the rocks, where an enthusiastic bunch of youngsters go all the way to the edge inviting an accident or a mishap. The lone policeman on duty, blows his shrill whistle but no one seems to pay any heed to him.

With the sun becoming significantly angrier, we walked back to the shelter and watched the antics of local guy who started a gambling game tempting a few onlookers to participate. The lone policeman got a whiff of the going-ons and rushed to the scene of the crime and broke up the party. We watched the antics of the nearby monkeys after that, waiting for our return bus to Sangama.

On the rocks
A couple of people enjoying the view from the rocks

The bus arrived, creaking and grumbling. About 20 minutes later, we were back where we started and then we tried finding some shade to eat the packed lunch. Unfortunately, there’s hardly any nice shelter around, so we settled for the relative cool comfort of the car, parking it on a slightly desolate section of the road.

Divine Light?
The Art of Living Centre on Kanakpura Road

After lunch, we headed back towards Bangalore stopping enroute at the AOL’s impressive premises on Kanakpura Road. There, the cool and comfortable canteen beckoned us and I overdosed on coconut water and grabbed myself some snacks. We roamed outside and watched the sun go down behind the main dome, and then it was time to get back on the road after a hot, tiring but enjoyable outing.

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