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Tasty Thai @ Saigon

When I read this review on Bangalore Metblogs, I couldn’t resist the temptation to go and check out the food myself.

So along with Charles & Debbie (who were game to visit again!), Aqua and hubby, my sister and blogger Sathish K, we had a nice and lovely long meal at Saigon yesterday evening.

Warning: Lots of food pictures ahead!


One of the starters was lettuce leaves served with chutney, chillis, onions, ginger, peanuts… you mix everything, put on lettuce and eat. Yummy!


The tom kha gai soup was delicious and tangy and had just the right balance of coconut milk and lemon grass. My sis and I had tried the same soup at Magnolia (in Koramangala) earlier this week and I must say that this one won hands down!

More starters

Another starter was the bhetki fish (absolutely melt in your mouth) and the chicken satay with peanut sauce.


Saigon is located on Church street. Currently, it’s hosting a Thai Food Festival and has flown in Thai chef Chantanee from Bangkok especially for this 3-4 weeks. We left the ordering to her and she did full justice, I must say.

Red Snapper

One of the main course items – red snapper fish : nicely flavoured and very tasty.


By this time we were already quite full, but that didn’t stop us from tasting the soft deliciously done crab. Other dishes we had were asparagus with mushrooms, thai flat noodles, prawn glass noodles and a minced chicken with basil and lemon (since we didn’t order from the menu, I have no idea what the actual names are).

Sticky Rice

And to end the huge meal, we had the khao niew mamuang – sticky rice served with mango : not too sweet and the mango goes really well with the coconut flavoured rice.

As my sis commented, very flavourful food and every dish had its distinct taste but complemented each other well. If you want to visit while the Chef Chantanee is around, you need to go before June 2nd after which she moves on to Civet.

You can ask her to recommend dishes based on your budget; that’s what we did and it worked well for us. And extra for drinks.

Bon Appetit!


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