Had quite a bad experience with makemytrip.com today.

I booked a ticket online for a bus to Chennai in the morning. After the payment was done, the screen blanked out and I didn’t get a confirmation for my ticket.

Then I receive an SMS with my booking ID and a message that my credit card had been charged. But there was no ticket for me in my mailbox.

When these kind of gaffes happens, I also realised that they don’t call to tell you that something went wrong. I had to wait for around 10 minutes on their toll free number trying to figure out what happened. The lady apologised and asked me to try after an hour.

Later in the afternoon, I try again. After another 12 minutes of holding for someone to answer, I get told that my booking is not done. My card is charged (!). And could I make the booking again? And not only that, pay again?

Why would I want to book my tickets again on a website which can’t get it right?

(Meanwhile, I stumbled across this when going through the Open Social Media Challenge.)

16 thoughts on “They couldn’t make my trip!

  1. Even I had a similar experience with makemytrip. But lucky me, after constantly dialing their number for 2 days I got hold of someone who sent me the ticket. I never went back to this site again.

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  3. Cleartrip is definitely THE site to go to for any kind of travel. Everyone can learn from them when it comes to intuitive design and great customer service.

    For bus bookings, I always prefer KSRTC. Though a govt. run service, their website runs perfectly and is very convenient too. And they let you book all kinds of buses and not just Volvos. Have booked so many times with them that I have lost count. Absolutely no trouble.

    Otherwise the best bet would be your local travel agent who gives you a paper ticket. There’s Redbus also but I haven’t heard much good things about them either.

  4. @ joseph: i didn’t have any luck but they are refunding the money apparently in a few days.

    @ sid: i did finally go through KSRTC – thankfully no problems! i had a bad experience with Redbus once – they hadn’t delivered my ticket till the evening I was supposed to depart and I had to spend quite a lot of time on the phone trying to track my ticket!

  5. Hey Anita,

    I had a horrible horrible time with my international travel bookings from makemytrip.com Their service is the worst of all. They are not professional at all.

    I had to talk directly to the airlines(British Airways) when makemytrip.com said changes to my itenary was not possible (even though i had paid extra money while booking for this option). British Airways when i had called asked me not to book through this website again.

    what a nightmare it was…..


  6. Thrice I had a bitter experience on the same day with train ticket once and twice with flight tickets – after taking money from the cards the site returned error messages.
    After I call them, They said they will refund the money within 7 days.

    Utterly poor service!

  7. Thats a rare case with Make My Trip, they are rated no one travel agent in India. I have booked with them quite a few times now without any issue. I just hope these type of issues dont happen again as it causes a tension and pain to online bookers.

  8. I have been using their service for airlines bookings for quite sometime.Lately I find their service quality has really deteriorated.Few days back I made a booking with them and my card was charged twice (this happened once earlier also,though then I was lucky to get a quick refund). When I made a complaint to the company they responded by communicating a ref.ID number for my complaint.There is neither any further communication from the company nor are they bothered to reply to my subsequent e-mails.With this kind of unresponsive service I am now thinking of using the services of some other company for future bookings.

  9. i had the worst experience with mmt. i think they deliberately cancel the flight booking status via net and then take at least a fortnight’s cycle to redeem the cancellation. i faced this during my booking for mum-jaipur flight and the sales executive informed me that the problem was from airlines. After a considerable yelling the senior member of the sales team arranged to rebook the ticket but i got my refund for the already debited amount only a fortnight later. i have decided never to book thru mmt.

  10. Make My trip is the worst site i have ever seen , i booked a ticket for 22nd march from patna ->delhi->Mumbai . But when i reached to Patna airport, Indigo guys said your ticket is booked on 23 rd march evening . Even i have SMS confirmation on my cell and Email also they have mention it was 22nd march . just imagine how much i was frustrated. after that no customer care guys were answering me . it was pathetic . i was coming mumbai for my Appraisal . This is the worst site i have ever imagine . Please please don,t use this.

    Please please don,t use this. Make my trip
    Please please don,t use this. Make my trip

    Please please don,t use this.

  11. It might happen some times. you can say that it is rare of the rarest case. As far i know MMT has been rated among the top OTA. And if mmt is so bad then why its has been rated among the top??

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