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They couldn’t make my trip!

Had quite a bad experience with today.

I booked a ticket online for a bus to Chennai in the morning. After the payment was done, the screen blanked out and I didn’t get a confirmation for my ticket.

Then I receive an SMS with my booking ID and a message that my credit card had been charged. But there was no ticket for me in my mailbox.

When these kind of gaffes happens, I also realised that they don’t call to tell you that something went wrong. I had to wait for around 10 minutes on their toll free number trying to figure out what happened. The lady apologised and asked me to try after an hour.

Later in the afternoon, I try again. After another 12 minutes of holding for someone to answer, I get told that my booking is not done. My card is charged (!). And could I make the booking again? And not only that, pay again?

Why would I want to book my tickets again on a website which can’t get it right?

(Meanwhile, I stumbled across this when going through the Open Social Media Challenge.)


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