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Tuk-tuk calling!

This guy’s going to be getting a lot of calls for sure.

Meet Samson, an auto driver from Chennai, who has his own website, and incredibly (yes, yes!) also turns on the meter!

When I think Chennai and auto driver, my mind wanders to a journey we undertook a few years ago – my sister and I. We were just visiting South India then and decided that Chennai would form a part of our tour plan. We made the mistake of trying to bargain with a auto driver who was intent on robbing us. We paid him a perfectly decent amount.

What he did next, left us scarred forever. Despite my ability to completely forget small details, I still remember this incident. He threw the money out of the rickshaw and abused us. I thank God that we didn’t understand a word of Tamil. Phew! After that, I approach all auto drivers in Chennai with some amount of fear.

Samson therefore comes as a breath of fresh air.

A Japanese tourist set up an email ID for him, a Brit tourist set up his website and a Dutch client gave him a laptop! Only going to prove that nice things happen to nice people!

Okay, so I know who I’m calling on my next visit to Chennai. Though I have a feeling Samson’s calendar might be a little full.

(And here’s another interesting auto driver from Mumbai via Twitter – he offers a 10% discount to newly married couples and has a first aid kit in his auto!).

I hope auto drivers in Bangalore, who don’t want to go anywhere (and I mean, anywhere except where you want to go) take a hint!


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