If you want to know more about BarCamp, you can read about it here. They’re happening all over and if you want a glimpse of what’s in store, you can log in to BarCAmp.org. I’m hoping to make it if my work schedule allows it.

BarCampChennai is next. It’s happening on 8th and 9th April and among the presenters are Kiruba, Dina, Ravi, Natarajan, Toufeeq amongst others.

“BarCamp is about passionate sharing of knowledge, camaraderie, and sheer learning of what the other guys are doing on the WEB 2.0 scene. One head is never as good as a 100 intelligent heads. If you are into any web technologies, this is the place you want to be” – from Kiruba.com.

10 thoughts on “Bar Camp Chennai

  1. Hi Anita,

    Nice to see that BarCamp has got your attention 🙂

    What will your presentation be about?

    All the best. Always.

  2. Hey anita,

    I’d rather put this in a mail, but I cldn’t find ur email anywhere on the site.

    i first visited ur blog some years ago, when u were perhaps with rediff and I had received a mail from u about rediff blogs. Found it quite interesting and it was bout the same time when I was gettin inspired to start blogging. However my idea was to program my own system, which has never happened till date .. 😛

    this is one of those days when I’ve the blog idea in my mind kicking again .. god knows if it’ll happen though .. but i remembered ur name..typed it on google which got me here!

    ur blog seems to have too much inside it..:) .. u really seem to be living life the fullest and frankly am jealous!.. just a year out of college .. i dunno where am heading..life’s so slow and nothing really is happening!.. and ur blog gives me a reflection of wht I want .. travel, adventure, explore!.. dunno when tht’s gonna start!.. just way too lazy.. so much tht even my regular work suffers!

    neways .. enuf of cribbing and just kiddin bout being jealous!.. i liked ur blog .. live it up!

    hope to drop in a link soon when I’ve my blog up!



  3. twilight fairy: yes, seems to be 🙂

    zaki: anything interesting usually cathes my interest 🙂 in fact, bar camp bangalore is also on the pipeline now so that should be exciting. nice to see you pop by, btw!

    puneet: thanks for that lovely comment. always makes my day 🙂 and nice to see that you found me again. well, i guess that balance between life and having fun is difficult to achieve, but impossible. i’ve seen many people do it both quite well. and don’t worry, you’re just one year out of college so the usual dilemas will haunt you for a while! all the best for the future and hope you find what you want along the way. and as they say, enjoy the journey till then! hope to see your website up sometime soon!
    my email address is well hidden but is actually on the page: anitabora at rediffmail dot com.

    jace: hope you were able to attend?

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