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Love… is in the air (and so is a new photoblog :)

I’ve been wanting to set up a photoblog for a while. Since I mass upload most of my pictures on (without much stress on quality), this one will be especially for the ones I like or think are worth showcasing. Hopefully, I should be able to update it with a picture every second day or so.


Decent Exposure

(PS: Thanks, as usual, to Madman who helped with setting it up and doing all the dirty work that needs to be done behind the scenes!)


  1. Hey that’s a good idea indeed. Some great photos in there. Makes me want to start my very own photo blog and disconnect from the flickr (mass upload) as you said.

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  3. some body says

    this has nothing to do with your article, just wanted to request you to forward this link to mr. madman from some body :-). this is in response to the article he had on his blog a few months ago regarding the optimal number of waiters at a restaurant. i did not want to post the comment there because it might show up as an old comment – i don’t know if a comment to an old post gets linked properly. anyway, here it is … (read the comments too – they are interesting)

    – s.b.

  4. I havent read your post.. but I guess you are from bangalore and have set up a blogout sometime back? I was searching for banaglore bloggers and chanced upon you.. will come back for sure. I am new to the city and I am not very sure i like it.

  5. Nicely done. Both you and Madman πŸ™‚ Looking forward to good stuff on the p-blog.
    I have been meaning to do something like this.. especially, since I got a slide-film scanner a few months ago, and have no excuse not to scan the old slides.

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