I met Emma while on a skiing trip to Auli, Uttaranchal in February 2005. It didn’t take long for us to connect!

After a tough day on the slopes we’d compare bruises, and try and keep out the cold playing poker, drinking hot chocolate and exchanging notes by the most favourite part of our dwellings – the bukharas. Besides, dancing, Emma also sings beautifully, we discovered. By the end of the week, we had invited each other to visit and since I was planning a UK trip, I told her I’d definitely get in touch. As it so happened, she was going to be in Barcelona during my visit and invited me to come there instead.

She’s one of the sweetest souls I’ve met – warm, giving and an absolutely beautiful human being!

This photograph was taken early morning with the sun rays streaking in. Emma had just put out her new Indian bedspread and it considerably brightened up the room, along with her smile!


13 thoughts on “Emma

  1. hey Anita,
    itz indeed a great photograph. The protagonist in this art of yours with a pink pullover and a red bedspread reminds me of a fusion of occidental exhuberance and oriental coy.

  2. hey Anita,
    nice to know that u in some wayz connected to Shillong. I am from Shillong too. Maybe u can post some shillong pics in your blog.
    great going…
    …by the way….what does it take to have that much of fun….


  3. Hey Anita,
    Just the other day I was referring to my friend about your blog and I aslo told him that you had done your schooling from Shillong – Pine Mount and Loreto. He was surprised how on earth can one divide ones loyalty to the said schools…especially when LC and PM are as separate as cheese and a chalk.
    We had a hearty laugh muching the ‘Hilsa’ which we prepared with love and longing.


  4. hi
    came to your blog after a long time. seems a lot has been said and done here.
    wanted to comment on insider /outsider but i guess u have got fed up with the whole thing.
    as a perennial outsider ( coming from a small community at the outskirts of indian nation) and a fierce insider for my little world i think we indians will have to fight these battles for years to come. as long as we dont ensure that our little inside worlds become worth living in and worth spending our valuable years in.
    wanted to say more.. but some other time. but thanks for good debate. that magga sounds so much like someone from JNU 🙂

  5. thanks sujatha. have replied to the same 🙂

    thanks anirudha.

    thanks satya. actually, i have not really done much photography in shillong (quite a pity) since i never go home with my camera 🙂 the relatives and family takes up most of the time. next time, i’m definitely going to make it a point to do some clicking! and about lc and pine mount – it wasn’t too difficult because i was pretty young! i only did a year in pine mount (class 4). btw, i had lovely hilsa yesterday at a bengali restaurant and have written about it!

    kirubakaran, shalini, nithya, biswajit: thanks!

    krishna: i closed the comments as the gentleman was getting way too bitter. on my blog!

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