Photographing children can be quite a delight : they usually have such mischievous, friendly, cute, unaffected and charming expressions : that capturing them on camera is a joy well worth the effort.

I was pleasantly surprised when this particular one was adjudged Photo Of the Week over at Bangalore Shutterbugs Flickr Group. I took this at the City Market where I had gone one Sunday morning on a photo shoot with a few others.

These three girls were standing beside the road, drinking water and I (thought I) managed not to attract their attention when I took it. Except the girl in the centre who looked up just as she was drinking. Which turned out to be a blessing after all, since she had quite a sweet expression on her face, just as she saw me clicking the picture!

thirsty, kya?

14 thoughts on “Photographing children

  1. Cool Pic!! I wish i had the knack of capturing such amazing moments!!
    All the best anita. I have been reading your writeups and am really impressed….and although i always had his urge to start my own blog (which i have) but i havent been able to post something as yet( thanks to my really tight schedule)

    Anyways……. keep it going!!

  2. so much beauty on each face and the varied reaction to the same situation!
    I can almost feel the drops of water dripping out of those cupped hands!!

  3. Wow, just caught at the right moment. That is photography.

    Anita, I recently got a digicam and somehow 60% times the pics are quite blurred though I have quite a steady hand with other Cameras. Any trick or tip?? Somehow I don’t understand why it shake a lot..

  4. Nice picture and congrats.

    I think if the subject would not have been looking at the camera then it would have been great πŸ™‚ I read this rule somwhere, I’m not sure.

  5. A natural and breezy picture!! Captures the rural scene vivdly.

    Last saturday I saw a two boys playing carrom. Not unusual but what struck me was that.. they were playing outside their hut, standing on knee depth water with a stool to support their board.

    I didn’t have a CAM to shoot that πŸ™

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