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What makes you feel alive? First rain!

First rain

Alive is AwesomeThis is a series of posts where I am going to ponder about the feeling of “being alive”. Has it ever hit you? Sometimes in quiet moments and sometimes in your wildest hours, you feel exhilarated, you are glad you’re able to be “there”, enjoying that point in time, doing something that makes you feel “alive”. It’s an amazing feeling, for sure.

This is a part of the blogging series for the Alive is Awesome campaign by Cinthol. Part 1 can be found here.

First rain


As kids, the story is different. You want to feel the raindrops against your skin, against your face, against your limbs, soaked to the core.

I remember my growing up days in Guwahati, Assam. We lived in a house on the hill. In hindsight, it was paradise. From our little hill, we had a great view, shaded by some huge trees. We didn’t mind that at all. Our neighbours M and R and their parents, who lived downstairs, went on to become part of our extended family.

My sister and I would spend most of our time with M and R. We only needed a excuse to get together. Whether it was to go out and play, tell bad jokes or gossip, we spent most of our time outdoors, much to the chagrin of our respective mothers who always wanted to rule us with an iron hand (at least ours did, and still does!).

There were different things we looked forward to, but this I remember vividly. Waiting for the first burst of “rain” after those hot and humid summer months. The north east of the country gets generous doses of rain. And we would wait impatiently every summer, counting down the days to when the “rains” would arrive… So we could run out and get soaking wet. While the respective moms would scream at us. They didn’t quite understand the simple pleasures of just welcoming the rain, arms turned heavenwards.

Rain pouring down

We would do this for hours and hours. We were determined to enjoy ourselves and that we did. With arms wide askance, we would simply embrace the rain and let it soak us completely. The scent of the earth after the first shower, as the hungry soil just takes it all in, can is quite magical. The flora and fauna drenched in a coat of raindrops makes for a refreshing and pretty sight.

It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.  ~ e.e. cummings

It made us feel happy. It made us feel alive! Now, when we hear any sign of rain, we rush indoors or look for an umbrella for the fear of getting wet.

Well, next time, there’s any sign of rain, try this – throw caution to the winds, open your arms wide and embrace the feeling. It’s quite amazing!

So what childhood memories do you recall that made you felt alive?

(This is a part of the blogging series for the Alive is Awesome campaign by Cinthol)


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