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What makes you feel alive? Part 1

What makes you feel alive?

This is the first in a series of posts where I am going to ponder about the feeling of “being alive”. I am sure it’s something all of you have experienced. Sometimes in quiet moments and sometimes in your wildest hours, when you’re exhilarated… When you’re totally in the moment, doing something that makes you feel “alive”.

My heart will go on

Usually, we’re going about our daily lives doing mundane things – running errands, making small talk, driving to work, staring at the screen for hours – things that have to be done but that we do on auto pilot. And then there are other things we do, usually by design.

Hiking for miles to reach the top of a mountain to enjoy the gorgeous views around, absorbing the fact that there’s still places on earth where you can drink in fresh air. Or standing on a ledge, about to jump down into the valley below, just a harness serving as the lifeline. Nervous, excited and yet scared as hell. Or maybe, you’re out on a long drive, the radio on full blast (thank god there’s no law against that yet!) and you just feel the pitter patter of rain on your hand as it starts to pour down. What a feeling!

It’s the feeling of being alive. Of all the molecules that make up your body, moving faster creating a momentum that makes you shout out and say: “I’m loving it!”

These moments we savour, and these moments we remember.

In this series of blog posts, I’m going to write about some of these experiences. Some, that I’ve personally lived through. And some that are on my wish list. Here’s the first one…

Going “splash”!

What will probably take more than a hundred words, this picture will describe in a heartbeat.


The place: Kolar, around 100 kms from Bangalore.

But it could really be any place in the countryside. Kids playing in the water. Whether it’s a pond, or a lake or an water body. The fun they have is just amazing. Without any reservations, they pull and push and scream as they jump into the water.

As the boy jumped into the water, creating a huge splash, I could almost feel the water myself!

I watched these boys for a long time from the sidelines. They were having so much fun. They were living in the moment, alive with excitement and pure innocent exhilaration. It was hard not to get affected by the enthusiasm of these kids.

Boys having dun

And besides, it was a hot summer day. Was it any wonder that they were having all the fun they could?


On another occasion, when travelling in Bijapur in North of Karnataka (also another overcast but hot summer’s day) we chanced upon these gang of boys at a pond behind a mosque.



They all plunged with wild abandon, cheering and shouting at one another. The water actually didn’t look too clean, but that didn’t deter the one bit. The sight is etched in my memory whenever I go back to that particular trip.


In North India, walking along the river Ganges, in Rishikesh town, the cacophony of these youngsters attracted my attention. Going a little closer, I sight them all jumping into the river and playing in the water. No doubt, it’s an every day ritual with them and yet their excitement is palpable.

A view from the bridge

Boys will be boys!

These are some scenes I remember clearly. Of days when life was simple and even the smallest things brought so much joy.

So when was the last time you felt this alive? And WHAT is it that makes you feel alive?

(This is a part of the blogging series for the Alive is Awesome campaign by Cinthol)


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